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Swope Law York Pa – A Comprehensive Guide

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What is Swope Law York PA?

Swope Law York PA is a law firm located in York, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2021, the firm specializes in business and family law, providing legal services in areas such as contract disputes, real estate transactions, divorce, and more. Swope Law has quickly established itself as one of the leading law firms in the York area, with a team of highly experienced attorneys who are dedicated to providing quality legal services to their clients. Swope Law is committed to providing quality legal representation to their clients, regardless of their budget or circumstances.

What Services Does Swope Law York PA Provide?

Swope Law York PA provides a wide range of legal services, including business and family law. Their business law services include contract disputes, business formation, and business transactions, while their family law services include divorce, child custody and support, and adoption. They also offer estate planning and probate services, as well as criminal defense. In addition, they also offer mediation services to help couples resolve disputes in an amicable manner.

What Makes Swope Law York PA Different?

Swope Law York PA stands out from other law firms in the area because of their commitment to providing quality legal services to their clients. The firm prides itself on being accessible, responsive, and reliable. They understand that the legal process can be confusing and overwhelming, and they strive to make the process as clear and straightforward as possible for their clients. The attorneys at Swope Law also have extensive experience in the areas of law in which they practice, which allows them to provide their clients with the best possible legal advice.

How Can I Contact Swope Law York PA?

Swope Law York PA can be contacted by calling their office at 717-854-0120. Alternatively, you can email them at [email protected]. You can also visit their website at to schedule an appointment or to learn more about their services.

What Areas Does Swope Law York PA Serve?

Swope Law York PA serves the entire York County area, including the cities of York, Hanover, Red Lion, and Dallastown. In addition, they are available to represent clients in Lancaster and Adams Counties.

What Should I Expect During My Consultation With Swope Law York PA?

During your first consultation with Swope Law York PA, you will be asked to provide information regarding your legal issue and any relevant background information. The attorneys at Swope Law will then review your information and provide you with an initial assessment of your case, as well as any potential legal remedies that may be available to you. The attorneys may also provide you with advice on how to proceed with your case, as well as potential legal strategies.

What Are the Fees for Swope Law York PA?

Swope Law York PA offers a variety of fee options to meet the needs of their clients. They offer both flat fees and hourly rates for their services, and they also accept credit cards for payment. Additionally, Swope Law offers a free initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your case and to determine whether they are the right law firm for you.


If you are looking for quality legal services in the York County area, Swope Law York PA is an excellent choice. Their team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing quality legal services to their clients, and they offer a variety of fee options to meet their clients’ needs. To learn more about Swope Law and to schedule a consultation, contact them today.

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