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Stillman Law Office Complaints: Uncovering The Truth

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The Stillman Law Office is one of the most well-known legal firms in the United States. Founded in the early 1900s, the firm has been providing legal services to individuals and businesses for over a century. While the Stillman Law Office has a long and successful history, not everyone is happy with the services they provide. In recent years, there have been a number of complaints about the Stillman Law Office.

What Do People Complain About?

People often complain about the Stillman Law Office’s customer service. They claim that the staff are rude and unprofessional, often not returning phone calls or emails in a timely manner. In addition, some people complain that the office is slow to respond to inquiries, often taking days or even weeks to answer questions or provide updates on cases.

People also complain about the level of expertise of the attorneys at the Stillman Law Office. They claim that the attorneys are not knowledgeable in the areas they practice and fail to properly advise their clients. In addition, some people have complained that the attorneys are not up to date on the latest legal developments and are not quick to respond to changes in the law.

What Are the Consequences of Unhappy Clients?

Unhappy clients often leave negative reviews online, which can damage the reputation of the Stillman Law Office. In addition, dissatisfied clients may file complaints with the state bar association, which can lead to disciplinary action against the attorneys. This can cost the law firm money and tarnish its reputation in the legal community.

What Can Be Done to Address Complaints?

The Stillman Law Office has taken steps to address the complaints it has received. The firm has implemented a customer service training program for its staff and has improved its responsiveness to inquiries. In addition, the firm has increased the training and continuing legal education of its attorneys in order to stay abreast of legal developments.

What Are Clients Saying Now?

The Stillman Law Office has seen an uptick in positive reviews from clients in recent years. Clients are reporting that the staff is more responsive, the attorneys are more knowledgeable, and the firm is better able to handle their legal needs. This is a positive sign that the Stillman Law Office is listening to its clients and taking steps to address their concerns.


The Stillman Law Office has been in business for over a century and has a long and successful history. However, in recent years, the firm has faced criticism from some of its clients. The firm has taken steps to address these complaints, and the results appear to be positive. Clients are reporting that the staff is more responsive and the attorneys are more knowledgeable. This is a great sign for the Stillman Law Office, and it is hopeful that the firm will continue to provide quality legal services to its clients for many more years to come.

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